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Brazilian Tummy Tuck

Brazilian Tummy Tuck Surgery in Mumbai, IndiaHaving a slim and trim stomach is everyone’s wish. With advancement in cosmetic surgery it has become possible to achieve these desires. Tummy tuck has been around for long time, but Brazilian Tummy Tuck was invented back in 2008. It’s advanced technique compare to other traditional tummy tuck technique.  Individual who can’t get rid of excessive skin and fat from abdominal region with exercise often turn to Brazilian Tummy Tuck. Patients of Brazilian tummy tuck are less at risk with infection and swelling.  Common misconception about population about liposuction and tummy tuck is wrong. These procedures are quite different from each other, but a lot time’s surgeon does use liposuction with tummy tuck to give proper contour to body.

Am I a Right Candidate for Brazilian Tummy Tuck?

Don’t fall for advertisement claiming to give dream contour and slim abdomen to everyone. Prospective patient must have a consultation with a qualified surgeon for understanding whether he or she is qualified for Brazilian Tummy Tuck. Generally patient must be in good mental state and not under serious medication to be a candidate for surgery. Women who are pregnant can’t undergo this surgery. Many women and men are opting for this surgery to achieve their dream contour. Women who were pregnant many times and lost lot of weight are usually undergoing this procedure. Patients are told to lose weight depending on their body structure before the surgery to achieve greater result. Obese individual are not qualified for Brazilian Tummy Tuck.

Procedure of Brazilian Tummy Tuck:

Patient is infused with anaesthesia for comfort and safety. Brazilian Tummy Tuck is a combination of tumescent liposuction along with excess skin removal. The procedure focuses further on contour of the abdominal. Surgery can be combined with liposuction to further removal of fats. Fluids from the body are removed through drains and process removes same amount of skin as other technique without leaving space in the abdominal. Surgeon usually makes passage within the fat instead. After surgery patients are kept monitoring purpose for at least two days at the clinic.

Recovery After Brazilian Tummy Tuck:

Recovery period of Brazilian Tummy Tuck is faster compare to other form of tummy tuck surgeries. There is also decrease risk of wound healing problem and not as much sensation above the scar. Bandages are removed within two to five days. During initial stages pain medications are provided for any discomfort. Patients can go back to their desk job within two weeks. Exercise can be picked up where you left off after four weeks. Final result is evident after four to eight months.     

Why Dr.Milan Doshi For Brazilian Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery price depends on the technique you choose, and the surgeon’s expertise. When you’re looking for Brazilian tummy tuck don’t penny pinch. Biggest mistake individual can make is choosing surgeon who is offering least price. Remember Brazilian tummy tuck is relatively new and advanced in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Choose a Cosmetic surgeon who has experience in performing this surgery. Experience surgeons would charge you more money, but result which you desired is guaranteed. Dr. Milan is world renowned Cosmetic/ Plastic surgeon who is member of ISAPS (International Society Of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), APSI (Association of Plastic Surgery Of India), IAAPS (Indian Association Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), IMA (Indian Medical Association), AMC (Association Of Medical Consultants Mumbai). He’s qualified to perform Brazilian tummy tuck. Book a consultation with him for to resolve your personal quires. He would discuss your goals and expectation about the surgery. Managing expectation about the surgery is important part of Brazilian Tummy Tuck surgery, and he would set realistic result which can be achieved with your body. He knows goal of cosmetic surgery is to not only improve your outer appearance, but also to improve you confidence and self-believe. There are very few surgeon’s capable of performing this procedure and Dr. Milan Doshi is one of the few who has produced excellent result with this technique.

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